5 A-Side & 7 A-Side



In these age groups we encourage a modern, child-friendly approach to youth football, challenging the win-at-all-costs mentality that is stifling development and enjoyment for young people. Working together with proactive adults can help develop a better learning environment for young people that puts their needs at the centre of the process. 
Young players aged 6 to 10 will play on small pitches with appropriate sized goals with the aim of them getting as many touches of the ball as possible.  Their is a mandatory retreat line which requires oppositopn players to be in their own half of the field when goal kicks are taken and this encourages the children to play the ball out from the back rather than just booting it upfield.
The players use a Size 3 football until the U 10 age group when they are ready to play with a Size 4 ball.



9 A-Side


The Boys & Girls are starting to get older and have more experience as footballers. They will be playing 9 v 9 with offsides on larger pitches using mid sized goals.  The U 11's will play development football but once the get to the U 12 age group in School Year 7 they will be playing in competitive leagues with published results and the teams are allowed to enter various Cup competitions.



11 A-Side


Once the players reach School Year 8 they will have had 6 years experience of playing football and they will be ready to play 11 v 11 football on larger pitches with bigger goals.  We try and run several teams in the various age groups in order to cater for players with different ability levels.  The players continue to play with a Size 4 football until they reach the Under 15 age group when they are ready to move up to a full size adult football.